About Simply Barcodes®

At Simply Barcodes®, our goal is to make ownership of UPC Barcodes and EAN Barcodes possible for business of all sizes. We believe that no one should be excluded from the market because they do not meet the requirements or because they simply cannot afford barcodes. We value your business and strive to provide service excellence for all our worldwide clients. We seek to educate potential customers regarding barcode services by ensuring the expertise of our customer service team. We maintain our A+ BBB rating by operating with integrity for almost 20 years now. We welcome the opportunity share our experience and expertise to help you get your products to market.

At Simply Barcodes, we professionally create barcodes including, UPC Codes, EAN Codes, Barcodes for Amazon, Barcodes for Music, ISBN Barcodes, Magazine Barcodes, Barcodes for Produce, Barcodes for Greeting Cards, Barcodes for Alcohol, SCC-14 Codes, QR Codes, Data Matrix Barcodes, Coupon Barcodes, GTIN Codes, UPN Barcodes, Code 128 Barcodes, Code 39 Barcodes, and many other barcode types. We also provide barcode graphic creation, label printing, and other barcoding services.

Call 877-872-2060 (toll-free) or +1 404-869-0701 (international) or live chat with our Experts for more information regarding our barcoding services. Our multilingual customer service team welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about your unique situation.

  •   “It looks great. Thanks so much for you all help. I really appreciate it.”

    Cecil Agee
    Vance, AL, USA
  •   “I was surprised at how fast and responsive the customer service was – I’m impressed that I was immediately transferred through to a real person. Simply Barcodes was willing to work with me on my request, and that makes a huge difference. Very helpful – thanks so much!”

    Diana Lee
    Harvard Business School
    Boston, MA, USA
  •   "I have had nothing but positive experiences with Simply Barcodes. The turn time and barcode files have been wonderful. I always know who to turn to when the need arises."

    Matt Wills
  •   “Simply Barcodes was great to deal with. We urgently required a large number of UPC codes for our wireless products and the response was fast, friendly and efficient. We will certainly purchase all of our UPC codes from Simply Barcodes in the future.”

    Rogers Communications, Inc.
    Toronto, ON, Canada
  •   “Simply Barcodes was simply that - Simple! It was a quick, inexpensive process and the turnaround time can’t be beat! They provide you everything you need to go to market in just a few days!”

    Kristi Peterson
    EnterEdge Technology Fayetteville
    GA, USA
  •   “Our initial experience of dealing in the complicated world of UPC and barcodes was simplified tremendously by the quick and helpful answers provided by Simply Barcodes. Obtaining our first couple of barcodes was easy, economical and fast. We hope to be able to continue to add products and our use of Simply Barcodes will continue.”

    Victor Son
    Abbott Research Group
    Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  •   “I’d like to thank you for your service which was very good, very fast and the attendants were efficient and helpful. The barcode works perfectly and I have no problems at all to use it in Brazil. The only thing is that the price is very expensive for us because the Brazilian’s currency is lower than the US. But I prefer paying more for a good and fast service. Visit our site and have a look at whole wheat ready pasta.”

    Caroline Martins
    Monte Verde, Brazil
  •   “I am happy with my experience with Simply Barcodes. I own a digital printing shop and I was impressed with the ease of the process. All we had to do was order and that same day we were able to put the barcode in the packaging artwork. I did not have any problems.”

    Ysabelle Roy
    Port-au-Prince, Petion Ville, Haiti