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Simply Barcodes understands the unique challenges facing those needing to purchase barcodes for CBD products. With so many options available, where do you go, and who is legitimate? Customers often share with us that barcoding for CBD seems so complicated. Many don’t understand why they need two different types of barcodes. Others do not understand the special State guidelines on what to encode. We are here to make the process simple, fast, and affordable.

UPC Barcodes QR Barcodes

UPC Codes are Barcodes required for the Retail (Point-of-Sale) Identification of CBD Products. The codes are scanned at pharmacies, cash registers, dispensaries, and other end-user locations.

CBD QR Barcodes are the barcodes required under some State laws for the presentation of the contents of your CBD product.

These codes present information for your product including but not necessarily limited to:
  • Independent Lab Analysis (Certificate of Analysis),
  • Batch number,
  • Expiration date,
  • Ingredients
Sample Image of UPC Code QR Barcode

Order UPC Barcodes Online

Order QR Codes Online

What is a UPC barcode for CBD and how does it work?

  The UPC code is the standard barcode used to uniquely identify products sold in stores in the United States and Canada. The UPC barcode is scanned by the end-user, primarily at retail (point-of-sale), at the cash register, pharmacy, dispensary, etc.

Exporters: If your CBD products are exported outside of the USA or Canada, you will need to order an EAN Code instead of a UPC.

What is a CBD QR Code and how does it work?

  The CBD QR barcode is a means of easily fulfilling the content identification requirement imposed by some States in a very small space. This two-dimensional barcode links to State-mandated information about your product, such as Batch number, Expiration date, Ingredients, a Certificate of Analysis by an independent lab, etc... (Always check the State requirements of the States in which you plan to retail your CBD products for the latest requirements!)

By scanning this code, customers (and anyone in your distribution or regulatory chain) can immediately trace critical information about your product.

(If you need help with this, please contact one of our experts at 404-869-0701.)

What are the State regulations regarding barcodes for CBD?

  First, please understand that this page is not intended as legal advice. Regulations in this industry are very fluid and constantly evolving. Please be sure to check the requirements of the States in which you plan to retail your CBD products for the latest regulations and consult your attorney.

That said, at the time of publication, the situation is as follows…

UPC Codes are a standard retailer requirement nationwide. The CBD QR barcodes are highly recommended as they appear to be adopted (and mandated) quickly by States across the U.S.:
  • Florida – QR Code is required (per Senate Bill 1020)
  • Indiana – QR Code is required (per Senate Bill 52 Chapter 21 Section 4a)
  • Louisiana – QR Code/web link is required (per §519 Chapter 5 of Title 49)
  • New York – QR Code is required (per Senate Bill S6184A Section 536-3)
  • Texas – QR Code/web link is required (per House Bill 1325)
  • Utah – QR Code/web link is required (per Utah Department of Agriculture and Food)
  • Washington – QR Code/web link is required (per WAC 314-55-105 [3])

How do I purchase UPC Codes and CBD QR Barcodes?

1stDetermine how many products or product variations (sizes, formulations, etc. all require different codes) you need barcodes for.

2ndHave links to your product content information handy for the QR Codes (or contact us for assistance!).
3rdSelect your option from the table below or call us at +1 404-869-0701 or toll free at 877-872-2060.
4thPlace your order.
Options Description Cost Ordering Instructions
Complete CBD Barcode Package UPC Code and CBD QR Codes $39 to $89 (UPC Code)

$3.75 to $25 (QR Codes)

Retail UPC Barcode(s) only Use this option only if you are certain that the CBD QR barcodes are not required for traceability in your State target markets. $39 to $89

Complete CBD Barcode Package (Exporters) EAN Code and CBD QR Codes $39 to $89 (EAN Code)

$3.75 to $25 (QR Codes)

Retail EAN Barcode(s) only (Exporters) Use this option only if you are certain that the CBD QR barcodes are not required for content identification in your case. $39 to $89

QR Codes only Use this option to meet the requirement for content identification if you already have your UPC or EAN code. $3.75 to $25

  Note: We also accept checks, money orders, and wire transfers. If you wish to use one of those payment methods, please print and complete this form.


What do I get when I order my UPC Codes and/or CBD QR Codes?

1stUpon completion of your order, you will receive an email confirmation of your UPC and QR barcode graphic purchase.
2ndThe barcode images are generated using the data you have provided.
3rdYour CBD barcode graphics are sent to you as an email attachment.

In what format are my CBD barcode images created?

  The UPC Codes are pre-packaged as a set of 4 formats: vector-EPS, transparent PNG, TIFF, and JPEG; so that your graphic artist, printing company, or manufacturing facility can work with the graphic in their preferred software.

For the customized CBD QR barcode graphics, you simply purchase one or more from these different formats:
EPS Format - This layered, vector EPS file is the preferred format of most graphic designers due to its quality and versatility, particularly for resizing. EPS is an "exchange" format, not necessarily associated with one specific graphics program. An exchange format is one intended for multiple applications to be able to open.
PNG Format - This raster PNG file works well for graphic artists who need a transparent background. This format supports lossless data compression. However, this format is not suitable for significant resizing.
JPEG Format - This uncompressed, high-quality JPEG file is the most common file format. All computers can open a JPEG. However, it is not suitable for resizing.
PDF Format - The high-quality Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used to present and exchange documents reliably. PDF files will open on nearly all systems, independent of software, hardware, or operating system.
Other Formats such as TIFF, AI, and many more are available upon request.

When do I get my UPC and/or CBD QR Barcode?

  The turn-around time is often within an hour.
All orders received before 4 p.m. Eastern Time on business days are completed the same day. Orders placed after 4 p.m. will be processed next business day. If you require RUSH completion, please call 877-872-2060 (toll-free) or +1 404-869-0701 (international) to make arrangements.

How do I get my CBD barcodes on my product?

  Providing the barcode image to your graphic artist and including it in the design of your packaging prior to printing is the easiest and most economical way of getting your barcode on your product.

If your product has already been produced, you will need barcode labels. If you would like to order pre-printed barcode labels, please select this option when ordering your UPC and QR Codes. If you have already completed your order, then click label printing to order labels. All orders received before 2 p.m. Eastern Time on business days are completed the same day and shipped for free within the continental U.S.

Does barcoding CBN (Cannabinol) products differ from CBD (Cannabidiol)?

  No, it does not. Barcoding a CBN (Cannabinol) product is no different from barcoding your CBD (Cannabidiol) product. CBN products need a UPC barcode for every CBN (cannabinol) presentation and variation available. Different sizes, types, formulations, etc. all require their own UPC Code on the CBN item.

Additionally, as is stipulated by each state law label regulation, your CBN items should feature the applicable QR Code leading back to State-mandated information about your CBN (Cannabinol) product, such as Batch number, Expiration date, Ingredients, a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) by an independent lab, etc...

(Always check each State labeling requirements in which you plan to retail your CBN (Cannabinol) products for the latest labeling requirements!)

Apart from CBD Barcodes we also offer UPC Codes, EAN Codes, Barcodes for Amazon, Barcodes for Music, ISBN/Book Barcodes, Magazine Barcodes, Barcodes for Produce, Barcodes for Greeting Cards, Barcodes for Alcohol, GTIN Codes, SCC-14 Codes, SSCC-18 Codes, QR Codes, Data Matrix Barcodes, Coupon Codes, Code 128 Barcodes, Code 39 Barcodes, and many other barcode types. We also provide barcoding services like, graphic creation, and label printing.

Call 877-872-2060 (toll-free) or +1 404-869-0701 (international) or live chat with our Experts for more information regarding our barcoding services. Our multilingual customer service team welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about your unique situation.

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